Aims of the Foundation:



CHRISTADELPHIAN JEWISH CLOTHING RELIEF is governed by a Board of Trustees and run by a team of dedicated staff
and volunteers. The foundation is internationally recognised and in April 2016 was granted Special Consulative Status
with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. We are for the public benefit the relief and assistance of those in need by reason of financial hardship and, in particular, the provision of warm clothing, bedding and personal items for the relief of impoverished people, including those of jewish and other ethnic origins, living in intemperate climates or hostile environments around the world.

To serve, help and support unselfishly communities on their journeys to realize their true nature and potential

  •         Encouragement of skill, industry, and frugality
  •         Supply of clothing relief to poor jewish communities
  •         Providing microfinance
  •         Management support and training for micro businesses
  •         Life skills and education workshops

For every £1 donation:

You make possible our vital work with some of the world’s poorest communities.
Every donation we receive, regardless of how big or small it is, makes a difference.

We can’t do it without you. Run, bake, tweet, give, shop, speak out, even sky dive – how will you be part of the generation to end extreme poverty?

For every £1 donation:

82p: goes directly to emergency, development and campaigning work
10p: is spent onsupport costs
8p: is invested to generate future revenue

Frequently Asked Questions

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3- I have raised some money for Christadelphian Jewish clothing relief. Where should I send the cheque?

Thank you so much for raising money for Christadelphian Jewish clothing relief, we really appreciate your support! Please send us a cheque made payable to ‘Christadelphian Jewish clothing relief GB’ to:

Christadelphian Jewish clothing relief
11 Lechlade Close
Church Hill North
B98 8RN
It would be great if you could also let us know how you raised the money (and be sure to include your name and address so that we can send you a thank you letter!)
2- Can I choose to donate money to a specific project, country or item?

When you donate to Christadelphian Jewish clothing relief, the money will be allocated to ‘general funds’ which allows us to focus on where the need is greatest and respond immediately to changing priorities and global situations. It is vital that we are able to spend money where it is most needed at any given time. However, it is possible for you to specify if you would like your donation to be spent on a particular emergency appeal If you would like your donation to be linked directly to an Christadelphian Jewish clothing relief project, you can choose to support Projects Direct.

1- Can I donate items like clothing and blankets to help people in emergencies?
Clothes and blankets are among the many items we can sell in our partner shops here to raise funds, but Christadelphian Jewish clothing relief does not send clothes and blankets overseas, however good their condition. This is because customs regulations, fumigation of second-hand items, transport and communications make the process of exporting second hand items very complicated, time-consuming and expensive. It is much easier to buy these items (with the money our supporters donate) in the countries where they are needed. It reduces the cost, helps stimulate local markets and economies, and we can be sure that the goods that we source are appropriate – both for the local environment and the local culture. There are many local initiatives in poor countries where women knit or make clothes, and Christadelphian Jewish clothing relief tries to support them by buying their products and distributing them through its programmes. This ensures women can learn new skills, earn an income and support their families, buy crops, send their children to school, and get the healthcare they need.  That’s why making a cash donation is one of the most effective ways to support our emergency work.
4- How can I get updates on Christadelphian Jewish clothing relief’s work?

You can sign up to receive free email updates, with regular news of our work and what you can do to support it.

5- Do my donations qualify for Gift Aid?

Your donation qualifies for Gift Aid if you pay tax in the UK, and have signed the Gift Aid declaration. Every £1 that you donate with Gift Aid is worth £1.25 to Christadelphian Jewish clothing relief at no extra cost to you.

Our Great Team

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